Clara Caldonazzi — Architect based in Trier, Germany

REDandBLUEinLIGHT – The Sphere in the Cube

REDandBLUEinLIGHT: Reworked Red and Blue Chair

Living Chair / Indoor / Wood / White textile

This project consists in the reinterpretation of the Red and Blue Chair, designed by Gerrit T. Rietveld in 1918, and it became a manifesto for the De Stijl movement. This neoplastic chair is made of frames in black stained beech and all the parts for its frame fit together, overlapping rather than using joints. The theme of the project is to transform the chair into both a furniture piece and a light design piece. The seatback and the chair seat were carved with a geometric pattern, and 4 leds have been applied in 4 different hidden points of the chair. The spot lighting are independent from each other and therefore it is possible to obtain different types of lighting depending on which leds are lit. The chair is also expected to be covered with a natural rough, white textile; this allows to hide the geometrical pattern, at one’s will, when the light of the chair are turned off.

The Sphere in the Cube: Lamp For An Imperial Villa

Table or Ground Lamp / Indoor / Beechwood

Suitable for bedrooms and living spaces, this lamp creates a widespread and attractive lighting. It is built with two laser-cut plywood parts and by beech wood sliced stripes. The lamp is built to be self-assemblable. The wooden structure recalls the shape of a cube, within which there is a suspended glowing sphere.

DateFebruary, 2014