Clara Caldonazzi — Architect based in Trier, Germany

Ar.Co Space: Gallery for Contemporary Art

The aim of the project is to create an art gallery in the heart of Milan and, more specifically, in an empty area within the old inner-city. Through the reconstruction of an existing lot, it was possible to create a contemporary art exhibition space. The building is made up of 6 floors, of which 4 are dedicated to the art collection. The theme of the exhibition is Pop Love, and 10 artworks of ten contemporary Pop-Art artists were selected.
The exhibition is characterized by a flexible arrangement, consisting of lightweight panels that slide on rails. The theme of the project was also to create a lowered public square, which acts as a “filtering space” between the city and the gallery. At the square level, there is a dining area and a small conference room, which are both accessible from the outside and from the gallery through a system of ramps and stairways. The project is presented with two models: the first one, which is in wood, shows how the gallery would fit within the urban structure, while the second one, in cardboard,displays the exhibition of the artworks.

DateSeptember, 2012