Clara Caldonazzi — Architect based in Trier, Germany

The Castle of Arco and its Walls. New perspectives between the Rock and the surrounding Landscape.

The idea behind the thesis was to reappraise the existing castle-system in the north-Italian region of Trentino by creating a network that ideally and functionally connects the abandoned ancient fortifications. There is quite a large number of vestiges, and, among them, eight castles were selected: most are ruins, but their different type, position and structure express the variety and complexity that characterize the history of the area. The network of castles, upon which we based our project, is an attempt to connect again this ancient web (1) by making them places of interest. As an illustrative case study, we focused on the Castle of Arco, which is a complex fortification with a particular monumental and panoramic outlook, perched on a mountain cliff overlooking the city of Arco. The aim of the project was to establish a close relationship between archaeology and landscape. This was done by selecting new observation points in order to create a new itinerary for the visitors, which would enable them to learn about the history of the castle and its surrounding landscape. The intervention is deeply tied to the morphology of the mountain cliff, which, given its particular structure, is divided into three main levels. On each level there is a different thematic itinerary: (2) the Landscape Itinerary, with typical wine and food tasting menus, (3) the Archaeological Itinerary, with museum exhibitions, and (4) the Artistic Itinerary, with site-specific exhibitions. The ascent toward the top of the mountain cliff leads the visitor through itineraries along the walls (2 and 4), passing through the heart of the rock (3) until the reach of the Tower Renghera and its Web Museum (1), from where you can enjoy the wonderful surrounding landscape.

DateApril, 2015